Gvantsa Barakadze

Dentist In 2010-2015 she studied at Tbilisi State Medical University At the Faculty of Dentistry. In 2017-2018, she is a resident of the Dance Clinic in Orthopedic Dentistry; In 2011 she started working as an external sales agent of BTA Bank; Since 2012 she has been an assistant therapist at the clinic “K end K”; In 2012, she is an assistant of therapist and orthopedist at the clinic “Dance”; Since 2013 at Medihelp Clinic and since 2013 at Cidmedi Clinic Assistant to orthopedist, physician surgeon and physician therapist; In 2015-2016 she was an assistant orthopedist at the Dental Dental Clinic; In 2016-2019, the call center operator is Ltd. In CMX Solutions; Has been working in “Meger Georgia” since 2019